“Þorra” food at Minna-Mosfell

Now is the time for Þorrablót,in Iceland,  a midwinter Viking feast which is an old tradition, when we eat þorramat, which is an old traditional food, that most people just eat at this time of the year.

Þorrablót can be anything from an informal dinner at home with family and friends up to a big event with dinner, offering this kind of food and a dance afterwards.

Last weekend we had our friends over for Þorrablót in our home.

Tonight,  I offered our nice guests staying with us this week, to taste some of the food, I still have left, kept in lactic acid.  Such as sheep head pâté, whale and pressed ram testicles that all has been left for weeks in lactic acid to get the right taste!

I also offered them “harðfisk” wich is dried fish, we love with some butter.

Last but not least, I offered them to taste our wonderful fermented shark with “Brennivín” the Icelandic snaps,  that is good along with the shark!

Have a wonderful weekend.



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