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Wonderful time at Minna-Mosfell

Spring is the most wonderful time of the year at Minna-Mosfell.
To be able to see how the nature wakes up after the winter sleep.

Every day we can hear new birds add their voices to the beautiful symphony we can listen to out of our windows.

I wish you could listen to it with me!

When I am planing my vacations to other contries I miss to be able to look at a video from the places I am planing to visit.

The other day I came over this video below from Iceland and thought at once I should share it with you that might me thinking about visiting Iceland in the future.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did when I looked at it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

New shelves

We are continuously trying to find out new things to add on to our guesthouse to make the stay for our guests more comfortable and convenient.
Our newest improvement are the new shelves for the information brochures.
Valur designed and made the shelves and they helps us to display the information material better.
Every day I spend some time with our guests looking at different maps and pointing out interesting places to visit. Our goal is to make the stay for our guests as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Life is wonderful!

Regards until  next

The new selves for information material

The new selves for information material

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