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Christmas greetings from Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

Christmas 2013 at Minna-Mosfell

Christmas 2013 at Minna-Mosfell

We send our best Christmas greetings to you all.

The holidays have been busy at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse.  Fully booked long time ago.

We sure did not expect to get as bad snow storm for days as has been here, but we have done all we can to explain for our guests carefully how Icelandic winter weather can be dangerous, show them the web cameras of the the road conditions and pictures from the rescue team at work. None of our guests have got into any difficulties, and have just relaxed here at Minna-Mosfell.
The hot tub has been very popular in the snow and the wind. Our guests have relaxed out in the hot tub for hours last two days, while people have been stuck in their cars just a few kilometers away.

We have offered our guests to try different Icelandic Christmas traditional food. Today they got to taste smoked leg of lamb, potatoes in white sauce, red cabbage and green peas. They liked it very well.

Warmest greetings


Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

Christmas traditions at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

As I said in my last post Christmas traditions are a big part of our lives in December.

Now the „hangikjöt“ (the smoked leg of a lamb) is ready.
Our wonderful neighbors smoke some legs of lambs for us, in their small smoke hut on their farm.
We like home smoked much better than to go to the store, it is more „real“!

We have wonderful guests staying with us this week. We took one of the legs to them and invited them to taste it raw.  They all liked it very well.
Last years it is becoming very popular to serve it raw, in thin slices as a small dish often with a slice of a good melon.

The old tradition is to serve the „hangikjöt“ on Christmas Day.  It is cooked on the day before Christmas to get the Christmas  scent in the house, after cooking  the skate for lunch!
A big part of the nation does this.
On Christmas Day it is served cold in slices with white sauce,  boiled potatoes, red cabbage, green peas, flat bread and we drink the traditional blend of „appelsín og malt“  that is an orange drink blended with malt extract.
Through the years this has been the traditional Christmas Day meal in Iceland.
Last years some families have developed new traditions, but in our home we keep the “hangikjöt” meal, but serve maybe some lighter meet along with it.

Until next

Tasting of smoked leg of lamb "Hangikjöt" at our Guesthouse

Tasting of smoked leg of lamb “Hangikjöt” at our Guesthouse


Holiday preparation has started at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

Time goes so fast and December has already arrived with some snow. Christmas baking is almost done and other December traditions are on its way.
We have had a very busy fall at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse, and seem to be going into a very lively winter.
It is becoming very popular for families or small groups to rent the whole guesthouse private for some days. They enjoy different days excursions like the Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon or visiting Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and are able to relax together in the evenings at the guesthouse around the dining table, some play cards or games, others work on plans for the next day or just enjoy being around the ones you care most for and talk.
We are looking forward to welcome guests over the Holiday Season and hope to be able to make them feel like they are staying in a home away from home!
Warmest greetings until next.

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