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Minna- Mosfell is to be seen on Business Travell on CNN

The reporter Richard Quest on Business Travell on CNN visited Iceland in Des. 2012
It is very interesting to watch the information video from his visit.

He visited Laxnes horse farm http://www.laxnes.is/ , that is within a walking distance from us.  His riding tour with our First Lady is in our surroundings, the river is tobe seen from our farm.

Here is also a link from YouTube from the same visit. Minna-Mosfell is to be seen at 3:27 min-3:30 min

Life is wonderful at Minna-Mosfell

A great first year has passed, and we are so happy about our guests  –  all of them.
Somtimes we have opportunities to be so close to their happiest moments.
An unusually romantic couple from UK stayed with us few weeks before Christmas 2012. The young man contacted me some weeks before and wanted to stay here on a surprise trip to Iceland for his girlfriend. He also confessed to me his top secret:  He was going to propose to her during their stay!
How exciting!
He decided to rent the whole guesthouse. Their bedroom was Skalafell,  „the romantic room“ (East) and we made a nice sitting room for them of Grimmansfell (South),  the guesthouse was converted to a nice private suite for the two of them.

They took the Golden Circle on a bus, and as they were standing at the view point to Gullfoss (the Golden waterfall) it suddenly happened. In the middle of the tourist crowd, he knelt down in front of her, and proposed!
Without much hesitation she loudly answared; YES!

What a joy to see all the love and romance between young people that have their life together waiting ahead. When they arrived here in the evening, the first we saw was her out stretch hand, with the diamond ring that the picture shows you! Isn‘t life wonderful?

Life is wonderful


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