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Wild Icelandic bluberries

This summer has been a great summer for picking wild berries.
Every hill covered with berries. I have never been the great berry picker, but I have dear friends that pick a lot and come with buckets of wonderful berries and give me. Thank you all!
Yesterday I made very good blueberry jam from 3 kg. of berries
I decided to bake Icelandic pancakes and give my guests with the new jam. They enjoyed it.
Valur gave them also a taste of pickled shark (hákarl) and a little taste of brennivín (snaps)to go with it. When we have opportunity we try to introduce our culture and habbits to our guests.It is wonderful to have some jars with different jams to give our geust to taste.


Sheep roundup in Thingellir

What a beautiful spot for a sheep roundupAt the roundup

The sheep gathering yesterday from the heath between our farm and Thingvellir National Park went very well. Valur and Ingólfur our son in law went early with the horses to the top of the heath tobe ready to start the gathering along with about 25 other riders.   It stopped raining early morning and the weather turned out tobe sunny and bright.
I drove to the roundup with my daughter and grandchildren to see when the flocks of sheep run down the hills in front of the riders. This is always a exciting moment!
We all went to Heiðarbær and had a wonderful íslenska kjötsúpu (Icelandic meat soup) that is an old tradition to have on the round up day.
After the soup, everyone went to the roundup to divide the sheep. Lots of people came help or to watch and meet friends.

Horse riding in beautiful surroundings

Next weekend is the sheep gathering in our area. We have to take some time everyday this week to train our horses for a whole day riding on Mosfellsheiði, the heath between us and Thingvellir Natonal Park to gather the sheep for the roudup.
On a beautiful day like today it is just a delight to ride in the beautiful surroundings around us at Minna-Mosfell.
Hope the weather will be as beautiful on Saturday when the roundup will be.
The roundup day is Starting the riding tour from Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse to train the horses.   always a very special day in the country.



Northern lights activity

When we came home to Minna-Mosfell from a night out in Reykjavík at midnight, the sky above Minna-Mosfell looked beautiful. Moonlight, thousands of stars and the northern lights with their delightful colors danced above the farm. Nothing is as impressive and such wonders of mother nature.
I read an article in our news paper “Morgunblaðið” a few days ago, we could expect much northern lights activity in the year 2013.  Something to look forward to!

Late summer day in Mosfellsdalur

After a beautiful day in Mosfellsdalur yesterday it is a very rainy day today.

Nice when the windows get cleaned automatically!

The hills above Minna-Mosfell have been dark blue last weeks of wonderful blue berries. They taste so good in thousand different ways. I have put some boxes ready for later use in the freezer.

We like our fresh blueberries very well with plain skyr. It makes a delightful dessert!



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