New owners of Minna-Mosfell

In January 2019 Guðrún and Valur sold their beautiful farm and Guesthouse to us the lucky family of 6 (soon 7). We feel that we hit the jack pot here, the Guesthouse is wonderful and the surroundings offer the best view in the valley plus we now have a place to put all our animals! It is our hope that we can run the Guesthouse close to how great the former owners run it and that the farm life will treat us nice!

We look forward to the future and to meet all our new guests.


Four of six family members of Minna-Mosfell

Northern Lights room at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

The newest addition to our guesthouse is working well and sure is making it nicer for our guests to wait for and look at the Northern Lights. The pictures we took the day we finished the project show how cosy it can be!

We have had many beautiful Northern Lights nights already this season, and our guests appreciate a lot to have a shelter to be in, now when the nights are getting colder and sometimes quite windy.

We do all we can to help our guests to get to see the Northern Lights. We even wake them up if the lights appear after bedtime!


IMG_5561 (1)

Northern Lights room

Northern Lights room

Forecast for Northern Lights tonight

Northern lights forecast

Northern lights forecast

I have never seen so much activity in the forecast before! We have had several beautiful nights already this fall. We are prepared for the winter as the forecast for the lights is very good for the season.

We are very glad we built the Northern Lights shelter, so our guests can enjoy the lights without being outside in the cold weather. We turn out all lights and even wake up our guests so they can enjoy, if they have already gone to bed.


Life is wonderful!


Wedding anniversary

We are honored when our guests decide to spend their very special days in life here.
Recently stayed with us a lovely Danish family. They told us their 25 years wedding anniversary was the next day.
We knew it is a big day in the Danish culture. We wanted to do something special for them.
Valur went to Dalsgardur the rose farm in our valley and bought 25 red roses and I baked a french chocolate cake.
Life is wonderful, enjoy the day.

Wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary

TripAdvisor awards to Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

We thoroughly have enjoyed every day since we opened our guesthouse.
We are so thankful to all our wonderful guests for writing nice things about their stay, that have made us receive awards from TripAdvisor, all the 6 years since we opened Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse.
We feel honored and very thankful.
Life is wonderful!

TripAdvisor Awards for Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

TripAdvisor Awards
for Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

The Northern Lights are back!!

This week we had a very beautiful Northern Lights show at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse.
As I saw a bit of them the night before, I set my alarm at 1 am and there they were, even it was just August 19th!
I rushed to the Guesthouse and woke up our guests, so they could enjoy the show.
Our new Northern Lights shelter came in good use, the guests could stand inside enjoying the show.
We have never seen them in August before!

Life is wonderful at our farm.

Northern Lights  at Minna- Mosfell Guesthouse.

Northern Lights
at Minna- Mosfell Guesthouse.

A new Northern Lights shelter at Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse

Earlier this month we took in use a new addition to our Guesthouse.

It is a shelter over the patio facing the Northern lights directions!

It will be very nice to sit out there on sunny days, but we built it mostly with the Northern Lights in mind!

Now our guests do not have to stand outside on cold winter evening and nights waiting for the Northern Lights or enjoying them dancing above our farm.

Now they can stand in a shelter, away from the wind and enjoying them!

Life is wonderful.


Northern Lights Shelter

Northern Lights Shelter


It brought sunshine to my mind!

Letter from our guests

A letter from our guests

On a rainy day this week I found this letter on the table in our guesthouse after a lovely family left. They had stayed with us for some days.
Even it was rainy outside it brought sunshine in my mind reading it!
Dear family, thank you so much. I hope to see you again before to long.
All my wonderful guests make me love my work 

Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse is a 2017 Travelers’ Choice Winner

We are of course very of proud of this announcement we got from TripAdvisor.



Minna-Mosfell Guesthouse is a 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award Winner
Congratulations! You’re a winner in the following categories:

Travelers’ Choice awards are the highest honor TripAdvisor can give – meaning your business
is truly exceptional. Based on reviews and opinions from millions of travelers, you’re in the
top 1% of hotels.


We want to send our warmest greetings and thanks to all our wonderful guests, that have ranked us so high in their reviews.


Have a wonderful day!


Guðrún and Valur

“Þorra” food at Minna-Mosfell

Now is the time for Þorrablót,in Iceland,  a midwinter Viking feast which is an old tradition, when we eat þorramat, which is an old traditional food, that most people just eat at this time of the year.

Þorrablót can be anything from an informal dinner at home with family and friends up to a big event with dinner, offering this kind of food and a dance afterwards.

Last weekend we had our friends over for Þorrablót in our home.

Tonight,  I offered our nice guests staying with us this week, to taste some of the food, I still have left, kept in lactic acid.  Such as sheep head pâté, whale and pressed ram testicles that all has been left for weeks in lactic acid to get the right taste!

I also offered them “harðfisk” wich is dried fish, we love with some butter.

Last but not least, I offered them to taste our wonderful fermented shark with “Brennivín” the Icelandic snaps,  that is good along with the shark!

Have a wonderful weekend.



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